Antimonopoly Service accused Yandex of advertising bookmakers

A little more than a week ago, the search giant "Yandex" initiated an administrative case for the display of poker advertising.

Antimonopoly Service accused Yandex of advertising bookmakers

Some responsible citizen entered in the linesearch "poker", and he was flashed 3 advertising banners FullTiltPoker, PokerStars and "Poker online for free!". For this guide, "Yandex" will have to pay a large fine, what size is still unknown.

The search engine's problems did not end there. Yesterday it became known that the Federal Antimonopoly Service initiated proceedings against Yandex LLC because of the advertisement of bookmakers. Employees of the FAS have found advertising in the service of contextual ads "Yandex.Direct".

Antimonopoly Service accused Yandex of advertising bookmakers

The case has already been referred to the court, the trial will be held on October 9.

Press service of Yandex, as it turned out, is not yet up to date:

""Yandex" has not yet received a definition of excitementbusiness. When placing advertisements, "Yandex" strictly observes all requirements of the legislation. If such an advertisement was placed, the only reason for this could be a moderation error. We draw attention to the fact that the advertising of bookmakers services is prohibited by the rules of advertising on "Yandex". As soon as we get acquainted with the case materials, we will be ready to provide more detailed information ".

In defense of the FAS, it is necessary to say that it is really forbidden to place ads concerning "risk-based games and betting, as well as their organizers"!

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