Baccarat Glossary

Baccarat Glossary

Learning the basic terms of the game using the baccarat glossary </ H3>

Baccarat Glossary Overview

Baccarat Glossary

The baccarat glossary is a collection ofall terms used in baccarat. Some of them are used quite often, others - less often. In the baccarat glossary you will find several French terms. This is due to the fact that the game itself originates in France.

Baccarat Glossary - Basic Terms

  • We will begin this section from the list of basic and most frequently used terms, and then consider the less common ones.
  • Baccarat: The first word that you need to learn in the baccarat game is, of course, baccarat. The term means the most unfortunate combination of cards ("hand"), giving a zero sum.
  • Bank: you will come across this word when you are ready to bet on all your money in one turn. It is also a term for the bank itself.
  • Banker or bet on banker (also banko - Banco): the term means that during the game you will bet on the banker.
  • Croupier: the croupier in blackjack is another term for a dealer distributing cards during the game.
  • Player or bet on player (also Punto - Punto): This term is used when you are going to bet on a player.
  • Bet on the draw: this is a bet on the possibility of a draw at the end of the game.
  • Figure: the term "figure" means a jack, a lady or a king, that is, a card with an image on the front side.
  • Bet on losing: this term means that in the game of baccarat you will bet against the bank.
  • Casino win: the term means the advantage that the casino receives over the players in the game.

Baccarat Glossary - more terms

  • Baccarat en Banque: one of the variants of playing baccarat. In this form of the game, two players participate, the casino accepts bets.
  • Carte: the term "card" is used when the dealer is requested a card.
  • Coup: one round in the game baccarat.
  • Chemin-de-fer: another form of baccarat, the European version of the game. In this form, the banker, the dealer and the receiving bets are the same person. This is the French word for "railroad".
  • Le Grande: This term is used to describe the hand 9. This is considered the best hand in baccarat.
  • Muck: The form of the game, which uses 8 decks of cards. It turns out a large card deck, consisting of 416 cards.
  • Palette: used in traditional baccarat. Palette is a device for laying out cards on the table.
  • Petite: a hand consisting of two cards, the sum of which is 8. 'Natural' is another term denoting such a layout.
  • Standoff: The situation in the game of baccarat, in which the banker and the player have the same number of points.
  • Tie bet: bet on the possibility of a draw at the end of the game.

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