All you need to know about Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games. There are many variations of the game, such as, for example, railway and deux baccarat, requiring knowledge, or north American baccarat, where luck is needed.


Baccarat is a simple, but at the same time complex game. The player makes bets on his own, he can also bet on a draw between himself and the banker.

Who wins the bet?

The player whose cards are closest to 9, wins. All maps with images and 10 are equated to 0; ace - to 1.

A few baccarat terms that you need to know:

  1. Natural: a layout in which the first two cards collect 8 or 9 together. This hand automatically wins, however both hands are equal, which is considered tie.
  2. Le petit: this is the layout that dialed 8.
  3. Draw a card: If the layout is 0-5, you can take a third card, unless Le Petit (8) or Le grande (9) happens to anyone.
  4. Banker: One of the hands is a banker and not necessarily a dealer or a casino.
  5. Cards with images (Face cards): kings, queens, waltzes and 10, which in this game are equated to 0.
  6. Player: this is the name of one of the hands.

Winning strategies and numbers that you want to know

  1. Do not waste your money on baccarat systems.
  2. Before you start the game, read its rules. Learn the terminology of baccarat.
  3. Play with your friends at home before you go play for money at the casino.
  4. Having made bets, the player can take the third card depending on the first two. The banker can also take the third card.
  5. It is very important to remember about money - you need to know exactly how much you are willing to spend in the casino.

Baccarat has always been a special game of the rich andfamous. In casinos, this game is always located in a separate place. Do not worry, if you know the rules, you can play as any other game and not be afraid of exclusivity.

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