Ben Affleke was banned from playing blackjack

Yesterday, on the pages of the scandalous portal TMZ appeared another shocking news.

Ben Affleke was banned from playing blackjack

American actor Ben Affleck was kicked out of HardRock Casino in Las Vegas. Ben peacefully played blackjack when two casino guards approached him and offered to leave the table, because they thought he was too successful in this discipline.

Despite the fact that representatives of Hard RockCasino has not yet been given any official comment on the incident, TMZ reporters say that the security service figured out the fact that the winner of two Oscar awards considered the cards. Now Affleke is forbidden to play blackjack, at least, within the walls of the network of Hard Rock Casino.

In general, Ben Affleck, despite the successfulcareer, a player with experience. Back in 2001, the actor won more than $ 800,000 in blackjack, playing three combinations of $ 20,000 at a time. Also Affleck was a frequent guest of some poker series, although he treats online poker only negatively. This can be judged by reading a fragment of Affleck's interview with "7days" magazine, on the eve of the release of the VA-bank picture:

"I played online poker, but quickly quit, becausethat he decided that it was not fair, and he thought that we can tell everyone about this world who does not know anything about him. I played a lot when online poker just showed up, and then realized that it's very easy to be deceived there.

I've seen sites shut down for fraud,heard the stories of those who dishonestly earned poker, and realized that online gambling is a simple way to enrich themselves at the expense of others. That's why I stopped playing and would not advise anyone to do this. The probability of deception is high. But I understood the feeling that poker cultivates in a person.

This game experiences people, develops the spiritcompetition and risk. Who will be the weakest person at the table? It is only to question the moral values ​​and this instinct begins to control you. This is more common for men ".

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