Bright moments PCA: Vanessa burns, PokerStars hits records

One of the main events of the recently completed PCA was the victory of Vanessa Selbst in the high roller tournament for $ 25k.

Bright moments PCA: Vanessa burns, PokerStars hits records

Thanks to this achievement and $ 1,424,420 for the first place, Selbst now tops the top of the most positive women in poker with a $ 6,996,315 win over the career:

Thus, having overcome the field of 197 participants,Vanessa became the champion of the high roller tournament. How much deservedly - think for yourself, after all, it really came to her in a champion way (see distribution against Sean Dib). But anyway, the aura definitely played its role, because Selbst designed her skirt, inspired by the joy of her recent engagement with a certain Miranda Forster, who was announced just on the eve of the tournament:

As he wrote in his time on this sitewell-known Tractor - sorry if it is a blow to you, but Vanessa Selbst is a representative of the know-what minority. However, this is her own business, so it's just for reference.

As for the other Vanessa with PokerStars. then she, hungry to new knowledge and skills, was seriously carried away by music, went through several preparatory online courses and, in between the tournaments, twists the DJ turntables. The first major performance for Rousseau was a party from PokerStars on the same PCA:

In short, despite its rather denseoff-line MTT-grinder, Vanessa Russo succeeded in other spheres of life, thus maintaining a balance between poker and everything else. For his tricks in front of the DJ console, by the way, Rousseau received quite a few very flattering reviews from other poker pro.

Well and at last - it is a little statistics. The jubilee series of 37 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournaments, held for 10 days, collected a total of 6,101 buy-ins, and the total payout for the prize amounted to as much as $ 28,239,728, which exceeds the indicator of 2012 by almost 30%. At the same time, 1,600 players participated in at least one of the tournament series. Solid records.

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