Championship "Egoist" from Casino Club Admiral


Casino Club Admiral holds the next championship. This time players will need to go through the stages in the event "Egoist". The championship got such a name not with a simple, because the main prize 10 000 rubles will be given to only one player of the club.

Beginning on September 18, fulfill the conditions of eachfrom the stages, and who knows, maybe you are the player who will become the main egoist of the club. The championship will be over as soon as one of the participants passes all the stages first.

Stages of the championship:

  1. stage - win the game 4000 rubles.
  2. stage - make deposits for a total of 20,000 rubles.
  3. stage - to score 5000 points in the game
  4. stage - to win 100 000 rubles.
  5. stage - make deposits for a total of 45,000 rubles.

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