Charlotte Van Brabander - from Counte-Strike in Team PokerStars

The way from e-sports to poker has been prototyped by hundreds of successful players.

Charlotte Van Brabander - from Counte-Strike in Team PokerStars

Interest in such people from all kinds of teamsprofessionals is quite understandable - often cyber sportsmen in the course of many years of training in the mode of work-zadrota acquire the same qualities that are especially appreciated in the poker player. It seems that everything is clear, but the public's attention could not help attracting a new addition to the Team PokerStars team. To begin with, this is a girl, she is from Belgium, she was a successful cyber sportsman, she also remains, and she is also at the beginning of her poker career - her name is Charlotte Van Brabander.

Now Charlotte, in between games on the mostlarge offline tournaments, as well as online at PokerStars, studies law and criminology at the university. According to Charlotte herself, it is on travels, when getting to know the best players in the world, she improves herself, takes all the best from the best. The young girl made herself, playing Counter-Strike from early school years. Being a professional gamer, she visited many major world championships, became the face of female e-sports, had advertising contracts with major IT companies. Over the past two years she has become interested in poker ... since that time she was able to achieve certain successes, in particular, reached the top-25 of the Main Event of the Benelux Championship of Online Poker 2010. Having met at one of the offline events, we could not but take a short interview with the future stars:

What tournaments will we have the good fortune to see you this year?

Well, in the near future I plan to play someMain Event of the UKIPT series and several Ladies Event on the EPT. Of course, I will be on the Belgian Poker Series, as well as all the major online series - WCOOP, SCOOP, BeCOOP, Sunday Million.

Is anything particularly large and significant?

Very soon I will go to the Main Event of the Belgian Poker Series in Namene.

How long have you been attending tournaments from PokerStars? Maybe one of them is especially memorable to you?

I have already played 2 UKIPT tournaments (in Kilern andDublin), as well as a tournament for girls in London. Most liked the Ladies Event in Monte Carlo - I love everything connected with the sea, the coast and France.

As far as we know, you are a bit upset that you can not yet completely give yourself up to poker and go to all the tournaments that you would like to ...

Yes, that's right - I missed the PCA because I took exams at the university. Well, I still do not shine the WSOP in Las Vegas, because of age.

Now you are under the close attention of the press, constant interviews, photo shoots ... do not press?

Well, it's a little annoying, especially when playing online and everyone thinks it's their duty to write something to you. I try to make fewer mistakes in such situations, but something is not working out yet.

Will this affect your level of play in the future?

I do not think, I play a lot and am constantly improving, I still want to become a really good player.

Do you have any specific tasks for this year?

No, we do not have planned accomplishments yet.I have, maybe it's not right. In any case, it would be cool to win something big and get a certain respect from the already recognized players. Such girls as Vanessa Rousseau and Liv Boare have already proved that they are no worse than men and worthy rivals the best. For the time being I have to live with the stigma of "a girl who is sponsored because she's a girl," but I want to prove that I'm an excellent player.

Your new activity somehow affects your life, say, your academic performance at the university?

Not really, I used to be a professional video game player, spending all the time on it. Now my activity has just changed, in the curriculum little has changed - assessments are good.

You probably pay a lot of attention to male fans ... have requests in the autograph or photos from the girls?

No, basically it's all the same men, often even those who know me as a gamer, rather than as a poker player. Well, while I was asked only 3 autographs.

Can you tell anything to the girls who are just starting out on the professional poker track?

Never listen to what people say about you -spit on it and go the chosen road. Do not give up, because the result in the beginning never happens. I myself am only learning the game, but I'm sure everything will be fine.

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