Blackjack six-piece - try your luck

Blackjack six-piece - try your luck

Six-card blackjack It was not always popular withmany reasons. The main one is that six decks are used at once, and, therefore, to apply the classical strategy to calculate the fallen combination is impossible. Winning becomes much more difficult, so you need to have a very good memory and a cold calculation, in order to increase your budget with this game.

Rules of six-card blackjack

blackjack Rules means the use of decks with 52 cards. Varieties of gambling have some features, but in general all of their rules are similar. The goal is to collect a certain combination, which is equal to 21 points or the other, as close as possible to this figure. If the number of points exceeds 21 - the person automatically loses. Popular online casinos offer several options at once:

  • Game personal - the visitor of a casino plays against the dealer (dealer) one on one.
  • The game is common - at the table there can be 5 people at once who play against the dealer and the bank given to them.

The rules of six-card blackjack are very strict,You need to use 6 decks, which were connected in one. Before each new distribution, they must be thoroughly mixed. After this, the whole deck is divided into two parts, the remaining deck must be left untouched. Several variations are available in the network at once:

  • Downloadable. Installed on a personal computer, but it somewhat limits the player's capabilities. You can download it for free from any official website.
  • The online version allows you to play in real time, including with others. Such casinos have the maximum and minimum bet limits that can be made.
  • Blackjack six-piece - try your luck

Some interesting features of the game

Win even a small amount without knowledgerules and the availability of practical experience will be very difficult. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully read the rules of the six-card blackjack and decide on the strategy. To strongly not risk, a beginner can try to play a demo version, where you do not need to make big bets with real money. Most sites provide inexperienced players the opportunity to play several times in the Table for counting:

  • Any suit of cards from 2 to 10 have a dignity equal to their face value.
  • Jack, Queen and King will be 10 points.
  • The ace can be counted as eleven or one. This will depend on the layout, which can be soft - an ace is equal to 11 or hard - to 1.

For example: the winner of a six-card blackjack is a person who collected a ten and an ace.

Possible combinations of dropped cards

Combinations must be counted immediately after the cards were dialed. There are several options for the player's actions:

I give up.

If a person considers the combination he obtainedlosing, he can surrender. In this case, he is paid half the bet, but only if the dealer does not have an ace. This action can only be carried out until others have been committed.

Increase the bid.

It can be doubled if the player gets a winning combination that seems to be winning. Six-card blackjack allows such an action, in addition the player will receive a card on his hands. Then the game goes to another box.


If the layout suits him, the casino visitor can refuse additional cards from the dealer. The layout is additionally fixed.


Each player has the right to do so, untilwill not receive 21 points. The cards can also be divided into two hands, if there are two identical dignities. In addition, you will need to make another bet equal to the initial one.


This is a loss due to the fact that the amount of the combination has exceeded 21. All bets go to the dealer.

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