France banned PokerStars Home Games

Uncle, and give us Home Games, huh?

French agency ARJEL, regulating the online gambling industry in the country, has decided to ban the novelty of PokerStars - Home Games.

At the moment, the French platform PokerStars takes the seventh place in attendance, and the launch of the Home Games service could attract even more players to the main client.

ARJEL decided to stop the work of Home Games for a detailed analysis of the service.

France banned PokerStars Home Games

Representatives of the agency had doubts about the violation of French gambling legislation.

PokerStars stopped the service, freezing all current data. In case of resumption of work, all users will get back access to their clubs.

Such actions on the part of ARJEL were unexpected for PokerStars.

France banned PokerStars Home Games

The room works in the country on the basis of a license and the introduction of a free service for its customers should not create a conflict situation with the authorities.

Perhaps the questions from ARJEL arose because of thethe ability of players to independently set the limits of the game, which is a violation of gambling legislation. Accordingly, PokerStars will have to give up part of the service functions, but, most likely, the work will be restored.

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