Freebies for Russians from PokerStars!

Ascend, guys! In this difficult time for recreational players (from the point of view of the economic situation in Russia) PokerStars decided to please them, and therefore us, with a sudden bonus to deposit!

The fact is that with a jump in the dollar exchange rate foragainst the ruble, poker lovers from Russia have become quite costly to make their ruble deposits and, apparently, they have less time to devote to playing poker for money.

Freebies for Russians from PokerStars!

Naturally, this state of affairs is not very pleasant to the old people, and therefore they decided to cheer their Russian clients with this letter of happiness:

Reliability and concern for their customers - thesethe characteristics of the company become especially important during economic instability. PokerStars has always valued these qualities above all, and has always tried to offer players a safe and secure place to play poker.

Now we once again want to demonstrate that we care about our players from Russia.

We, as before, keep all the players' funds forseparate accounts, where they can be withdrawn at any time. We do not have any restrictions on methods of replenishing the account and withdrawing funds, including transactions in rubles.

Use the exclusive bonus for playersfrom Russia and get more US dollars for rubles. Make a deposit today and get a 50% bonus (max $ 100) to your PokerStars account. Just indicate the code "RUS100" when replenishing the account no later than 07:59 Moscow time on January 12 (23:59 BB January 11) 2015.

Sincerely, PokerStars

In short, a rebbe, depaem a couple hundred on starzes and get another one from above. Holiday greetings! ,)

P.S. At the request of workers, I add to the post that the bonus will need to be laundered (2k vpp for max.) For 21 days from the date of the deposit.

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