Help to dependent players

Licensed online casinos for the most partsubmit to them a huge list of requirements for the availability of official software, allocated bank accounts for the storage of cash, as well as the strict observance of the rules of fair play, one of the items of which are links to resources that provide assistance to dependent players or in other words - the loodomans.

When the degree of game dependence begins to influenceon the material condition, the player can use links to such resources to get qualified help in the fight against this psychological illness.

You can switch to the sites of these organizations by clicking the special button or logo located at the bottom of the main page of any reputable online casino.

Government of European countries for a long timeworks in this direction, because the players are quite easy to learn about the problem of gambling addiction, having received help online or by enrolling in meetings with other people who have faced this disease. At the same time, Russia and other CIS countries, in addition to banning bans on the activities of gaming sites, do not pay due attention to dependent players. Our compatriots are forced to turn to private clinics, where besides ludomania they practice curing for other harmful habits, which makes one doubt the effectiveness of such institutions in practice.

European organizations to combat lodomania

To learn more about the consequences of the gameWe will give below some examples of authoritative organizations of the European level. As for Russian-language resources in this area, we managed to find a single example, which we will also consider in more detail later in this article.



Organization website -

Long search for thematic resources,adapted for the residents of Russia and other CIS countries brought us to this resource. Here, users can sign up for monthly open meetings in Moscow or visit the organization directly at Moscow, ul. Shukhova, d.17 / 2, making a preliminary application by phone +7 (915) 493 20 55.

Another argument that does not speak in favor ofowners of the company, is the temporary closure of the forum, where users in a friendly atmosphere could discuss the problems of the dependent and share useful tips.

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