The January profit of high rollers, the forgetful Ivy and the bank PokerStars

One of the latest graphs of our poker Darth Vader

And again, hello to all lovers of interesting and funny stories around poker.

The January profit of high rollers, the forgetful Ivy and the bank PokerStars

With you the next issue of the review of the okolopokernyhsocial media from which (among other things) you will find out what WCGRider's winnings record was for the day, and why PokerStars added the option of detecting users playing mobile devices to your client.

Let's start with the incessant post-natal rest (well-deserved, incidentally) by Mikhail Shalamov, who is delayed in full in the unofficial Asian Mecca of all poker players:

And at this time, the real professionals of their business continue to ruthlessly make money:

Douglas Polk (WCGRider). I updated my best-day today: + 660k per day. Thumbs up.

There is something to boast and Russian-speaking high roller. Here you, for example, one of the last graphs Feruela this year:

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Bahamas, it turned out that PokerStars, it turns out, has its own bank - The Bank of PokerStars. His services are primarily aimed at simplifying offline cash transactions for players in the PokerStars tournament series (for example, on PCA). Slightly more in the video below in English:

And since we're talking about PokerStars, I'll remind youyou that recently they rolled out the client update. which allows you to easily and quickly calculate at the tables the fishes of the lovers to play with the tablet or mobile phone.

Especially comical is this, as it was christened in the community, "a gift to the regulars" in the light of the latest trends in the so-called improvement of poker ecology and the care of recreational players.

A semi-official version of the reason for thisit seems that many players simply do not know that it turns out that you can also ludomonize with a mobile phone - so, thanks to a special icon near the nickname at the table, it will find out more about this opportunity. But we understand something about you.

Well, finally, I bring to your attention one funny "dialogue" between Doyle Brunson and Sean Dib:

Doyle Brunson: There are only 16 million Jews in the world, but every day I have to play with seven of them at the same table, lol.

Sean Deeb: It's easy to be rich when you're lucky to play with the fish, whose pockets are as deep as your own.

Random user: Sean, you Doyle lost his ass, see.

Shaun Deeb: And many times. It was an honor for me to listen to all these of his tales while he took the money from me and added them to his.

Well, that's it. And now your favorite GIFs from LifeWithFaceCards!

When I think that I am getting thin, but in fact I will value myself:

When I sit at an empty table and suddenly two unfamiliar Germans sit down to me suddenly:

When I play with a cell phone and I'm moved:

When I watch regs that really like grinding:

When the LAS maniac wins all the money at the table for everyone:

On this today, allow me to bow out. With you was sandr1x. Until new meetings and good luck at the tables, friends.

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