Increase the chances of winning in the Blackjack Switch

Increase the chances of winning in the Blackjack Switch

Rules of all favorite games Blackjack, in common people - "point" or "twenty-one", are known to everyone. And here's one of the Payouts

"A pair" 1: 1 "Troika" 5: 1 "Two pairs" 8: 1
Increase the chances of winning in the Blackjack Switch
"Kare" 40: 1

If you bet on the "Supermatch" system, but you did not get any of the above combination - you lost. These are the rules of blackjack switch.


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The second bonus in this game is called "insurance". You can protect your game from falling out of the dealer's ace. This will cost you half of the bet you announced. There is one nuance here: if the first card that fell out of the dealer has a denomination of 10 points, then the probability that he will receive Blackjack remains, but in this case you will not be able to do anything.

Additional Features

Another addition, which is provided by the rules of the game in blackjack switch, is called "doubling".

This method is possible only if you have on handonly two cards. What is their numerical value, does not matter. For "doubling" you need to increase your bet exactly twice, after that you are given an additional "number" and the distribution is over. The next move will go to the second boxing.

Also you can double after split.

In addition to doubling, you can split into a blackjack switch. Having received the first four cards (two for each box), you can exchange them among themselves. The rules change slightly:

  • Repeated separation is prohibited;
  • If you have two aces, and you have divided them, then in addition you can get only one card per box;
  • If, as a result of the division in any box, Blackjack turned out, then, unfortunately, it does not count.

Here, in principle, and all the rules of the changedblackjack switch. Despite the fact that the winnings are paid in a smaller amount than in the usual classics, there are often good combinations. As a result, you have a better chance of winning.

Using our blackjack switcher review, you cancalculate the probability of winning and get a good start on it. So go play the old good "twenty-one" in a new way. You will definitely love it!

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