Mini Baccarat (Mini Baccarat) from Cryptologic (Baccarat)

Mini Baccarat (Mini Baccarat) from the Baccarat section

Mini baccarat is a kind of Americanversion of the game, traditionally different more simple rules and democratic stakes. Cryptologic offers its version of the Mini Baccarat. If the rules here are really simple, then not even everyone can play by the minimum rates.

general description

Mini Baccarat is a virtual gambling game fromCryptologic with classical rules of mini-baccarat. The range of rates varies from twenty-five to two and a half thousand dollars. You can only play one box. The Mini Baccarat uses eight decks of 52 cards, which are mixed before each hand.
The user can bet on winning the player,banker or draw. After this, two cards are dealt to the dealer and the player. If necessary, they get more on the map. Then the points are calculated and paid.
The rules for the set of cards are not detailed in detail.We will, because they are available in a special section on the portal. If you hover your mouse over the Game Rules tablet on the table next to the hammer, you will see a brief game rules in English.
Payout ratios are as follows:

  • Bet on banker's victory - 1: 1;
  • The bet on winning the player is 1: 1 (the commission is charged 5%);
  • The bet on a draw is 8: 1.

Note that you do not need to thoroughly understand the rules of the game. The only decisions you can make are choosing the size and type of bet. Next for you everything is done by a virtual croupier.

Bonus game

There are no bonuses in the Mini Baccarat from Cryptologic.


Progressive jackpots in Mini Baccarat from Cryptologic are not.


The Mini Baccarat interface is logical and understandable. The game is controlled by the following buttons:

  • Deal - give out cards;
  • Rebet - repeat the betting;
  • Rebet & Deal - repeat bets and give out cards;
  • Clear Bets - remove bids;
  • History - the history of previous games;
  • Game Speed ​​- the speed of the game.

Important game information appears in the Balance, Bet, and Paid windows. Players are also helped by balloons and voice-overs.


If you want to have a good time playing inbaccarat and you can afford to bet from twenty-five dollars for one hand, this version of the mini-baccarat is quite suitable for you. The game has a convenient and pleasant interface, basic settings and realistic graphics.

Where can you play

You will find Mini Baccarat in InterCasino and some other online casinos running on software from Cryptologic.

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