NYX Gaming buys bookmakers OpenBet, and simultaneously sells Ongame

One of the world's leading manufacturers of software NYX Gaming.

NYX Gaming buys bookmakers OpenBet, and simultaneously sells Ongame

The head office of which is located in Las Vegas, announced the purchase OpenBet. a major software vendor in the UK for $ 383 million (? 270 million). Parallel to this deal, NYX Gaming is also going to get rid of one of its assets - poker network Ongame .

We remind you that NYX acquired the Ongame network from the now scandalous company Amaya Gaming Inc literally 2 years ago. Then, under the terms of the deal, NYX was taken away from the poker network, and Amaya made an investment of $ 10 million. As you might guess, it did not lead to anything good.

Now NYX intends to merge the loss-making network to provide the opportunity for the development of the network to a third-party team (while retaining the bulk of the company and the right to use software in the US) and focus on the industry with maximumprofit for the company - in fact, in the light of the fact that they are buying OpenBet, at sports betting. NYX teamed up with the famous British bookmaker William Hill to purchase OpenBet: WH provided? 80 million for the purchase, there threw in? 20 and SkyBet competitors, and the rest was behind the NYX.

According to Financial Times, William Hill and NYXsigned a three-year contract, under which the latter will upgrade the software OpenBet, which, according to experts, will bring another 10 million for this period.

As for the network Ongame, so far neither namethe buyer, neither the price of the issue is unknown. What you can say without any doubt - the cost is clearly not going to be high, because the network has been in decline for a couple of years and currently does not have serious traffic. CEO NYX Gaming Matt Davy only hinted that the buyer will make a certain "A talented team of managers from Europe" .

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