Old in a new way: we play open in blackjack

Old in a new way: we play open in blackjack

Of all kinds of Blackjack, blackjack in the open - The most profitable for the player. That is why he enjoys such popularity among online casinos, but gambling establishments in real life are not very eager to introduce him into the list of their games, for fear of large winnings of visitors.

Rules of blackjack in the open

Basic rules of the game here are the same as in the classics. You bet, the dealer begins distributing. Your task is to collect such a combination of cards so that their numerical value does not exceed 21, and was higher than the dealer's. The game involves 6 decks of 52 cards. The main "chip" - the dealer deals cards face down, in the open. And this gives a great advantage to the player who, based on what he has seen, can calculate his chances of winning. Since such blackjack rules openly give an undeniable plus to the player, in order to balance the win / lose, the casino reduced the payouts. So, the usual winning payout goes 1: 1, not 3 to 2. There are a number of innovations:

  • The deck is shuffled before the start of each game. In blackjack in the open can not use the card counting system in Blackjack;
  • The player remains the loser, if he andthe dealer has the same number of points. The only exception is the Blackjack. If you and the dealer have this combination, then the game is considered a "draw";
  • Blackjack itself is paid one to one;
  • The number of card partitions in blackjack in the open can not exceed four. Each casino has its own rules on this score;
  • Double you can only if you have on hand a combination of 9 to 11 points;
  • If the dealer has 16 points or "soft" 17, thenhe must take another card. (A "soft" combination is a set of cards in which the Ace has a numerical value of "one", not 11). In other cases, at the value of 17, the dealer stops.
  • In this version of the game there is no sarenda (Surrender is the opportunity to abandon the game by paying half of your bet). In other words, you can not surrender.
  • In blackjack in the open there is no insurance.

Rather tough rules. But, despite this, the player still has a large percentage of the probability to break a good jackpot. The main thing you should count on is a complete control over your emotions, analyzing the game situation and developing the right strategy. The winning payouts themselves will not be too big (unless you play blackjack to the maximum, of course), but they will be frequent. That is, in the end, by the general score of the game, you can pretty well replenish your game account. Do not try to get at once and a lot. "The chicken grains on the grain" - this proverb most fully reflects the principle of duel in blackjack in the open. Do not rush, and luck will be on your side!

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