About strategy of game in крэпс

Maths in excitement
There are hundreds of different strategiesall kinds of games in the casino. They are universal and referring to individual games, but most of them are united by the promise to make you rich at minimal cost. Naturally, this applies to the field of fantasy, and such promises are not worth the eggs eaten. Even if Albert Einstein called the stealing of chips the best roulette strategy, while the croupier turned away, what to say about all kinds of advisors from the worldwide network. The only goal they pursue is to lure as many inexperienced users into their trap and sell them outright nonsense.
Currently, there are many computersimulators of various gambling games that allow you to test the effectiveness of such systems by the example of hundreds of thousands of spins on a roulette wheel or rolls of bones.
However, it should be noted that none of thesesimulators can not take into account in their calculations the human factor, which plays almost the key role in the same craps, which we'll talk about in this article.
Almost no one at the moment does not causedoubts that an experienced player who knows the skills of controlling bones, is able to influence the average performance by the required numbers. If he even succeeds, at first glance, to slightly reduce the percentage of loss of losing seven points (for example, from one of six to one of six and a half shots), this deprives the casino of the craps inherent in craps. Moreover, if you combine this technique with a reasonable betting system, then on a long stretch of the game the advantage passes to the player.
This does not mean that after masteringcontrol of bones, you will constantly win and earn millions of dollars by playing craps. But you can achieve results that are somewhat comparable to those demonstrated by experienced card counters in blackjack. In other words, if the result of your game over a long period is necessarily positive. The winnings in each individual case will depend on the rates, the success of your shots and even luck. However, you will agree, because in any kind of sport none of the players can always win. Even world leaders felt the bitterness of defeat, but this did not stop them from earning a lot of money.
Any victory will always remain a victory. The winnings do not have to be big. It is easier to collect an impressive amount by accumulating small gains, than occasionally winning a lot. In addition, thus you have less chance to attract excessive attention to the casino administration.
Also try to play on empty tables, because inIn this case, only you will throw dice. Relying on your own strengths and skills, you will be easier to win. Of course, as soon as you open the table, other players will gradually come to you. To delay this moment, try to contain your emotions after a successful throw. Otherwise, half a casino will gather around you, and then new candidates will appear for the role of a "shooter". As soon as this happens, it's time for you to leave. Do not try your luck on other "shooters", because you can not be sure of their skill.

Proceeding from all the above, let's try to summarize all the material in several councils:

  • Practice controlling bones;
  • Do the most favorable from the point of view of the mathematical advantage of the bet;
  • Play on empty tables and leave as soon as many other players gather around you.

This is the most reasonable advice that can be given to all fans of the game in craps. They are much more valuable than all possible strategies and betting systems that promise a big win.

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