Blackjack single-decked

Blackjack single-decked

Fight for a bank of blackjack! Single-deck blackjack refer to those games that do not needit is important to confront only the dealer. It is led on 3 boxes by a single deck of 52 cards. It is thoroughly mixed every time the distribution begins. The bank is managed by the croupier, the system of rates and the rules of the euro single-deck Blackjack the same as those of its other species. It becomes more popular, because to win a person needs not only to have a fraction of a fart, but also to be experienced, to develop a strategy. An additional advantage will be knowledge of mathematical analysis and elementary intuition.

Features and rules of single-deck blackjack

First you need to determine how much it will not be a pity to lose. With rules European single-deck Blackjack should be familiar to beginners,to succeed. You can also listen to the advices of seasoned people and train your strength. You can do it on special portals that offer to play virtual currency and gain experience. Blackjack is a game of chance in which, with the right strategy, you can double your capital. In the process, the dealer handles only one card for himself, he can only take the second card after the wagers have made their bets. Some features of euro blackjack:

  • Trying to calculate the game after the distribution does not make sense, because the deck is mixed after the round.
  • It is necessary to take into account the fact that the game is played on 3 boxes.
  • Blackjack is very dynamic, so there is no likelihood that the player will have the same suit.
  • Before the beginning it is desirable to be defined with a limit not to suffer from loss.
Blackjack single-decked

The game involves a deck of all colors from deuce to ace. It is allowed to put money on one box or more (at the request of the client). The amount ranges from 1 to 200.

The rules of the game in single-deck euro blackjack

The rules of the game in euro blackjack the following. After the visitors made their bets, the dealer distributes two cards to everyone and only one card for himself. All operations are conducted in the open and you can win only after the first distribution. When one at the table finds a combination equal to 21, then it is declared the winner.

21 points at the dealer or how to perform insurance

Immediately after the first hand, you need tocheck the first card of the dealer. When it is an ace, everyone has the opportunity to hedge against losing. The rules of single-deck blackjack do not oblige to carry out insurance, you can do it at your own will. Insurance is the amount equal to half the amount previously set. If, after checking, the dealer finds a winning combination, you can return the insurance, otherwise the person will lose money. An important point! At the dealer after distribution can appear 10 points. Then the rules of single-deck euro of blackjack prohibit making an insurance rate. Single-deck euro blackjack - a guide for the dealer:

  • His actions in no way depend on what combination fell out at anyone at the table.
  • If the dealer has a combination of blackjack, insurance is paid in a ratio of 2: 1. The rest remain at a loss.
  • Insurance amounts are lost if the dealer did not find 21 points. The bet will be paid in a ratio of 3: 2 when receiving blackjack.
  • When the croupier cashed over, all are considered winners.
  • All scored an equal number of points - the bet in full size is returned to the casino visitor. When a person has fewer points than a dealer - he is a loser, and money leaves the casino.

According to the rules of the game in single-deck blackjack, after the money has been paid, you can start again.

Single-deck euro blackjack - player actions

The winning combination is immediately paid, even if the dealer has also dropped 21. The one-dollar blackjack of the euro rule is fairly strict. The player can:

  1. Surrender. If an unprofitable combination is in his hands - he can surrender, if he has not done anything before. Half of the rate he will get back. If the dealer has an ace on hand, this option is not possible.
  2. Click to enlarge. From the account the amount equal to the first bet will be written, and the player will receive the card. Double the amount after the separation rules are prohibited. Split is allowed when there are two cards of the same value on their hands.
  3. Enough. You can stop if the person at the table is satisfied with the available combination. The move goes to the next boxing.
  4. Distribution. A person may not have enough points to win. Therefore, you can get one card from the dealer and do this until the combination of blackjack is collected. We must not forget that in case of busting, it is considered to be an automatically loser. The game immediately goes to the next box, the bet is not refundable.

Card Sharing

The rules allow you to divide the received cards of the same value into two hands. There are some limitations:

  • Divide the cards again is prohibited.
  • Double the bet again is impossible.
  • In a bad situation, you can not surrender.

Also we offer you the basic rules of the game in other categories of blackjack, especially if you are not going to stop at the reached level.

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