Online roulette game

Online roulette game

For fans of gambling, a special online roulette game was developed, which can be played with only a personal computer and access to the worldwide network. Online roulette game is available not only with special software, but without it. In addition, you can get a lot of fun after a hard day's work by playing roulette for free or for real money.

Free online roulette game is available forevery user of online casino. It's enough to pass through a cunning registration procedure, after which everyone can enjoy a unique gambling game that has gained incredible popularity in recent years.

Classic Roulette online: rules and description

There are several types of games like rouletteonline. Among the most popular is the classical roulette online, which is by right the king of gambling. The main difference between classic roulette online and other types is the rules:

  • Playing field - a field for playing classicalRoulette is divided into 37 main sectors, 36 of which have alternating black and red colors. The last 37th sector is highlighted in green. This sector is called zero;
  • Types of rates - there are two main typesgame bets, among which there are internal (bet on a specific number) and external (bet on a group of numbers). It should be noted that there is a specific group of bets that is characterized by color (bet on red or black numbers).

If the player makes an internal bet, and it turned out to be a winning bet, then he can at times increase the amount of his money or chips.

Online Roulette Volcano

Volcano - one of the most popular Interneta casino that provides its users with hundreds of various gambling games, both for money and for conditional chips. The volcano has two main types of roulette:

  • Classic Roulette - one of the most popular gambling in the history of mankind. In classic roulette you can play alone or with other players;
  • American Roulette - this kind of gambling differs from the previous one by the presence of a double zero, by means of which you can increase your winnings tenfold.

Roulette online, a volcano that providesseveral formats of the game (free of charge for conventional chips and real money), has long been a fantastic popularity. Thanks to simple rules that anyone can understand, millions of gamblers can enjoy the legendary roulette without leaving their home.

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