Part of the bank accounts of Full Tilt Poker is unfrozen

Many poker sites have reported that the US Department of Justice has unfrozen one of the accounts of Full Tilt Poker's room in the bank of Ireland.

Part of the bank accounts of Full Tilt Poker is unfrozen

Information about this went away thanks to the site who received it from unknown sources.

Part of the bank accounts of Full Tilt Poker is unfrozen

Nevertheless, the websites spread the news with distortions, so now it's problematic to understand the veracity of the rumors.

Apparently, the room should be Americanplayers from 100 to 150 million dollars. About a third of this amount was in the account of the founder of Full Tilt Poker Ray Bird (Raymond Bitar), which was frozen among others.

It is because of this that the room did not begin paying to the Americans, while the PokerStars room agreed in time with the authorities of the country and deserved the loyalty of the customers solving a difficult situation.

Representatives of Ray Bitar for threeweeks were looking for external investors willing to provide $ 150 million in exchange for the company's shares. These funds were to be used to pay players, but investors have not been found, so now all the efforts of the room are aimed at an agreement with the prosecutor of the Southern District of New York, so that the room accounts and the shareholders' personal accounts are open.

The situation remains unclear due to the fact thatthe prosecutor's office did not actually require the freezing of Bitard's personal account, but the Bank of Ireland blocked it with the rest of the accounts of Full Tilt Poker and is afraid to unblock it before the prosecutor's permission.

Be that as it may, while Full Tilt Poker is losing time, and with it the trust of American players, which can have a negative impact on the return of the room to the American market.

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