Prejudices in Craps

The world of excitement is full of various prejudices, and we repeatedly told about them in publications on the portal. But in some games there are a lot of them. One of them is Craps. Now we will acquaint you with the most curious superstitions that will help you better understand the behavior of many avid fans of this fascinating game.
Cracks' Magic Bone

Prejudices about the Seven
As you know, most players prefermake "correct" bets in craps (if you do not understand what is at issue, read the article about "right" and "wrong" players), so the number seven is almost always a losing one for them. It is also fatal for fans of various betting systems in this game. Is it any wonder that many superstitions are associated with the fall of the Seven.

  • If at least one of the bones goes beyondtable, the next roll will necessarily fall seven. However, it is believed that this can be avoided if the dealer will allow you to once again throw the same bones, and not change them to a new set. It is for this reason that you can often hear how the shooter requires the same bones.
  • If the shooter successfully throws, never buy chips directly at the table for cash. If at least one of the bones touches this money, the next throw will drop a seven.
  • If the bones touch the hand of someone else,the seven will fall out. This explains why a shout is often heard at the table: "Hands!" This superstition is shared even by many casino employees, so they closely monitor where their hands are during the throw. At least, this precaution protects them from possible charges.
  • If there is at least one "wrong" tableplayer, this greatly increases the probability of falling out of seven. The more of them, the more often the bones will give seven points. (Here's another reason to be hostile to those who put the shooter on the losing side.)
  • During the roll, never shout: "Seven!" Many players quite seriously believe that the bones can hear you, and then the seven will fall.
  • If the dealer moves the bones to you, on the top faces of which seven points are formed, you definitely will not be lucky.

Magic before throwing bones in craps

Beginners and the beginning of the game
A lot of prejudice in craps is associated with the beginning of the game, as well as with those who first take bones in their hands.

  • If for the first time the position of a shooter becomeswoman, she will certainly be lucky. Believe me, in a busy hall for your table a lot of players will come running, it's worthwhile for them to know that you are trying for the first time in this role. And they will bet on Pass Line and other bets that win if the shooter wins.
  • But if this is the first roll in executionmale novice, do not expect support from other players. It is believed that representatives of the strong half of humanity should have some experience in order to become good shooters.
  • Never open the table and do not playsingle - good luck will not accompany you. At the beginning of the game, the bones are cold, and they need to be heated. The more people at the table, the faster and more successfully this will happen.

Other prejudices
In craps, there are also many superstitions associated with various other aspects of the game.

  • If one of the Craps numbers drops out, the next roll should be placed on Any Craps. It is believed that such numbers go in pairs.
  • Never shout: "Eleven!"The number of eleven, as a rule, suits most players at the table, but you do not need to say it out loud. The fact is that the English word eleven ("eleven") is somewhat similar to seven ("seven"), so the bones may not hear you and give out the unwanted seven. Therefore, eleven is usually called the nickname "Yo".
  • Throwing bones, try to keep them spinning as little as possible. The more times they turn over, the higher the chances of getting the seven.
  • If the shooter is lucky, do not touch him and even talk with him, so as not to scare away your luck.

Of course, this is far from a complete list of prejudices that can be encountered when playing craps. If you know any of them, write to us.

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