Punto Banco - Professional Series (Punto Banko - Professional Series) from NetEnt (Baccarat)

Punto Banco - Professional Series (Punto Banco - Professional Series) from the Baccarat section

Baccarat is an amazing combination of simplerules and fun gameplay. Of course, it is believed that it is much more interesting to play in a real casino, but this is not the case for all our readers. We offer you an overview of Punto Banco Professional Series (Punto Banco - Professional series), which is also able to entertain you.

general description

Punto Banco Pro is a free online baccarat from Net Entertainment.
The game is played according to classical rules by six regular decks, which are mixed before each hand. In detail, all the provisions of baccarat are described in the "Rules of the Game" section on.
The range of bets depends on the selected table. There are three of them: Low Roller - 0.10-10 Euro, Standard - 1-100 Euro and High Roller - 10-1000 Euro.
The goal of the game in Punto Banco Pro is to predict who will win in the current hand - dealer or player. You can also bet on a draw.
The bet on the player is paid 1: 1, the banker - also 1: 1 but minus 5% commission, for a draw - 8: 1.
If you play Punto Banco Pro on the optimal strategy, you can achieve a return of 98.94%.
The client bets on Punto (player), Banco (dealer) or Tie (draw). Then the player and the dealer are dealt two cards.
The winner is the one who will score nine pointsor as close as possible to that amount. Cards from deuce to nine are considered at face value, an ace gives one point, and tens, jacks, ladies and kings are zero. If the number of points in the hand is more than ten, a dozen is subtracted from them.
If none of them have eight or nine points, the rule of the third card comes into force, which we described in detail in a special article of the "Rules of the Game" section.
If the user has guessed who will win, he gets paid according to the established coefficients.

Bonus game

Punto Banco Pro does not have any bonus payments.


Progressive jackpot is not in Punto Banco Pro.


First of all, we note that you do not need to download baccarat Punto Banco Pro. It starts in flash mode directly in the browser.
There is nothing superfluous in the Punto Banco Pro interface. The main part of the screen is a cloth with markings for baccarat. At the bottom is the control panel with these buttons:

  • New Bet - make a new bet
  • Rebet - Repeat bet
  • Deal - give out cards

To clarify the coefficients of payments, just point the cursor at the plate with the range of rates.
In the settings you can include a semi-transparent window with the history of the last drawings, deactivate the soundtrack or choose the speed of the game.
Important data is displayed in the row below the control panel, and detailed information about the Punto Banco Pro model is provided in the help section (it is opened by clicking on the button with a question mark).


Punto Banco Pro will not leave indifferent any amateur baccarat, since it has everything that can be claimed from online baccarat.
The optimal strategy for playing baccarat is very simple. We talked about it in a separate article on the portal. Here we will only recall that the bet on a draw is very unprofitable for the player.

Where can you play

The game Punto Banco Pro is represented in manyInternet casinos using the software of Net Entertainment. Unibet Casino Red can be an excellent option for all our readers. Here you can not only play for money, but also experience baccarat without registering in the training mode. Readers of the portal have the same opportunity.

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