The strategy of craps based on the numbers of Point (Craps)

For craps, as for many other gambling games,there are different strategies for the game. Given that in this game the stakes differ in the size of the casino's inherent advantages, there is more meaning in such strategies than in those used in roulette or slot machines. But do not exaggerate their effectiveness, because completely get rid of the advantages of a gambling house with their help still can not.
Earlier we already said that the combination of ratesPass Line and Come with odds give the most chances of winning, but did not explain clearly how to do it. With this publication on the portal, we will continue the series of articles on strategies for playing craps. We are talking about the practical application of a system based on Point numbers, and we will do just the Pass Line and Come bets, strengthening their Odds rates. If you do not understand what is at issue, read the rules first and learn the terms of craps.
Craps game strategy
This strategy is based on rates with the lowestadvantage of the casino. These are the rates of Pass Line and Come. They are paid 1: 1, the advantage of the institution is about 1.4%. On this system they are combined with Odds rates, which are paid for by real chances (that is, in them you act on an equal footing with the casino).
Your goal will be to set two Point numbers andto strengthen the rate on them with the help of Odds. For convenience, we will consider this strategy using the example of a $ 1 bet. Make a bet of this size on the Pass Line. If after the throw of bones in Come Out Roll 7 or 11 is formed, the bet will automatically win. If you score 2, 3 or 12, she immediately loses. In either of these cases, start over.
If Point was installed during the Come Out Roll (assuming it is 5), you have to take two steps.

  • First, make an Odds bet of $ 1 on the Pass Line. To do this, click the mouse next to the previously made bet of the Pass Line or directly on it. A new bet will appear outside the Pass Line field.
  • Secondly, put $ 1 on the Come field. After that, press Roll to roll the dice.

Pass Line and Come are consideredindependently of each other. Pass Line and Odds added to it will be played until Point again (in this case it's 5) or 7 will be dropped again. In the first variant ours will win, and in the second version they will lose. But in either case, you must start all over again. That is, put $ 1 on the Pass Line. If any other number falls, both bets continue to play.
Now back to our Come bet. As you remember, we already have Point, and it's equal to 5. We also know that the Come bet does not depend on the Pass Line bet. If she drops 2, 3, 12, she will lose, if 11 or 7, she will win. With the remaining numbers, she continues to play.
Suppose that in the next throw afterSetting Point dropped out 8, and your Come bet was moved to the appropriate field. Then you must strengthen it with the Odds bet of $ 1. To do this, click the mouse next to it on the same field. The situation on the field will look like the picture above.
Your business is as follows. You bet the Pass Line by adding Odds to it, with the Point number equal to 5, and also the Come bet, also adding Odds to it, at 8.

  • At the most unfavorable outcome (in the event that 7 falls out), you will lose all bets and have to start again.
  • If you win 5, the Pass Line bet will win with Odds, and you will again put $ 1 on the Pass Line.
  • If you drop 8, the Come bet will win, along with the Odds bet added to it, and before the next throw, you'll put $ 1 on Come again.
  • In all other cases, all bets will remain in the game, and you do not need to do anything.

This rather simple strategy will allow youmost economically to dispose of their funds during the game in craps and will give you a good chance to win in serious casinos Europe and Goldfishka, where you are always welcome.

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