Roulette Strategy

How much roulette exists, exactly the same numbertime man tries to find a magic formula, how to beat it. In the course is intuition, mathematical calculations, conspiracies and spells. And if three of the proposed options certainly do not help in any way, then one is worth considering. We are talking about a scientific approach - mathematical calculations and online roulette schemes that allow you to win from a casino.

True, we will be honest, win not always and not soa lot, as would be desirable, but subject to all the advice and tremendous willpower, small pleasant financial bonuses will be expected almost constantly.

How many strategies are there?

The exact number of all ways to calculateThe probability of falling out of the number when playing roulette, we will not tell you - they are quite a lot. And constantly the Internet explodes with a new sensation: "Vasya Pupkin discovered a new method of winning a game of roulette!". You start to look and think about - another dummy.

We will tell you only about the most popular, already noted by time, strategies that allow you to leave the casino as a winner if, of course, you will be able to stop in time.

And start with the number 1 - the most famous strategy, called

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Martingale system

Where did this name come from, for sureis unknown. But this strategy is named so not by the name of the one who invented it, and not the name of the city. In general, the origin of this word is completely incomprehensible. But this is not the essence.

And the essence of this method is as follows:

You start the game with the most minimal bet:

  • If you win, the bet stays the same.
  • If you lose, then the next bet is doubled.

And as many times as you lose. (For example, your bet is $ 2. You lost it, so the next one is $ 4, then $ 8, $ 16, and so on). With this system, if you lose, you immediately tangible amount of money, and if you win, then quite a bit, but that pleases, often.

</ table <p>The Martingale system, according to the reviews,the most likely chance to win at roulette. But there is one "pitfall". In calculation, for some reason, does not take a zero, but it falls out and quite often. And this very number can nullify all your efforts to implement this system. Your losses will become more frequent, and, alas, you go broke. It's only a matter of time.</ P>


Chernyshov's system

Here, too, the name is not clear: no one knows who Chernyshov is, and whether he was at all. In general, the story with a strange name number two.

Gamblers treat this system with caution and do not really trust it, although, again, it is impossible to verify the reality and veracity of the reviews - this is such a mysterious strategy.

And its principle is simple and is based on the theory of probability, which says that the same action can not be repeated to infinity. I.e, if the "black" dropped three times in a row, the chances that the "red" will fall with each new throw increase.

In theory, then everything is smooth, but in life somehow notit turns out. To win at a casino by this principle you should be, at least, a dollar millionaire, and purposefully try to defeat the game club, increasing your bids in a geometric progression.

It looks like this: you wait for the same color to drop out, for example, "red", and only after that you bet on "black".

  • Won - step aside and again wait, when three times in a row the same color will drop out.
  • Lost - increased their rate three times.
# series Bid amount Total amount of money delivered before winning The probability of ending the series at a given rate The probability of losing at this rate
1 1 1 48.6% 51.4%
2 2 3 72.9% 27.1%
3 4 7 85.7% 14.3%
4 8 15 92.5% 7.5%
5 16 31 96.0% 4.0%
6 32 63 97.9% 2.1%
7 64 127 98.9% 1.1%
8 128 255 99.4% 0.6%
9 256 511 99.7% 0.3%
No. Spin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Probability NOT falling out black 51.4% 26.4% 13.5% 7% 3.6% 1.8% 0.9% 0.5% 0.25%

Keep in mind that not all online casinos allow you to skip rounds, so not all schools will be able to play using the Chernyshov system.


«Happy Seven»

According to this theory of playing classic roulette, you must have a sum of money equal to 24 of your own bets, and make these same bets always the same.

So, your game when using this strategy will look like this:

You bet the first bet, suppose $ 1 for red (or even / odd):

  • If you lose, then do not change the bet.
  • If you win, then increase the bet by 1.5 times, that is, put not $ 1, but $ 1.5.
  • Again won - increased again by 1.5 times, lost - returned to the initial bet.

You'll get very good profit if you win 7 times in a row. But I really want to say that even without the use of strategy, winning 7 times in a row will significantly raise your mood and replenish your wallet.

No. Spin Rate Total profit Profit after loss in the last move
1 5 0 -5
2 8 5 -3
3 12 13 +1
4 18 25 +7
5 27 43 +16
6 38 70 +32
7 57 108 +51

After a sevenfold win, stop, rest and start again to play, starting again.

That's the whole strategy. Somehow, she does not cause too much confidence, although some people manage to carry a good win with them, using this system.

The key word is "some".


Patience Zero

As you can see from the title, your task is to be patient and ... with money. You must have at least 36 chips.

So, we begin.

  • We put 2 chips on the first dozen.
  • Two more chips for the second dozen.
  • We send one chip on the line.
  • And one - on the zero.

For one throw, you bet 6 chips.

Then everything looks like this:

You close 30 numbers and zero. Most games return betting, winnings only on zero. You lose your game only if you fell 31,32,33,34,35,36.

  • If zero fell to losses - you win 30 chips.
  • If zero fell after one loss, you win 24 chips.
  • If zero fell after two losses, your winnings will be 18 chips. After three - 12, after four - 6, and after five you remain "with your own".

After the sixth loss (6 times fell numbers from 31 to 36) - you are bankrupt.

This system is no worse and no better than any other, although many consider it one of the most advantageous. Check yourself.


Simply chic

This strategy (in theory) can give you the opportunity to take out of the casino for one evening a lot of thousands of dollars, true, with the favorable location of the stars and the moon in the right House.

You must have only 11 chips to start the game. You close 33 numbers:

  • The first and second dozens of 4 chips;
  • 2 chips on the line;
  • One - for a split.

Only 4 numbers remain open: zero, 34.35 and 36. Your chances are 33: 4, pretty good. Statistics, the lady is dry, but accurate, it says that when you apply such a simple strategy, your chances of winning increase by 13%.


The method of Thomas Donald

The theory of strategy is simple, like all genius: when you win, you increase your bet by 1 chip, if you lose, you decrease the bet by the same one chip.

You must bet on equal amounts (red / black, even / odd, numbers 1-18 or 19-36). With certain luck, you can break a good jackpot. But here there is one minus, and he immediately crosses out all the advantages of this strategy - The amount for the game you must have 3,000 times more than your bet. (Bet $ 1, have $ 3000 in your possession, which is not a pity to lose). If you do not have such a sum, this strategy, alas, will not bring you tangible profits.

Re-evaluation of strategies in roulette

There are many strategies, mathematicallycalculated, the principle of which in doubling the rates when playing different types of online roulette, or the main emphasis in which is placed on betting on zero in roulette. All of them have the right to exist.

You should understand one thing: whatever strategy you use, the probability that you will defeat the casino still remains 70/30, and your figure is the last.

And if today you are not quite lucky in onlinecasino, and you could not defeat him, then just relax in a spiritual company with friends and play a drunk roulette - get a sea of ​​positive and fun. Do not know how to play a drunk roulette? It's simple: pour in and drink the pile on which the ball will point. For intrigue, pour not only spirits, but also ordinary water, compote, lemonade, etc. into the stacks. Play health and do not worry about failures. Tomorrow you will definitely be lucky!

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