The most important phrases in craps

Correctly play craps
Craps is quite simple rules,However, the variety of bets, the game table, delineated into many fields, a lively atmosphere that invariably accompanies the game process, are capable of putting many novices in a quandary. In addition, in craps there are several phrases and terms that can not be deciphered by anyone. This task is doubly difficult for those who play in an English-speaking casino, not knowing this language.
If you can still deal with the rates experiencedby observing the game of other visitors, then it is very difficult to understand the meaning of the phrases of the dealer and the players. Moreover, in many cases it is necessary to ask the dealer to act in one way or another with your bet, and this is done with the help of certain expressions.
Understanding at least the most important phrases usedwhen playing craps, not only will help you feel more confident at the table, but will also save you some money. In this article we will look at the basic expressions that you can hear from the dealer, as well as teach you individual phrases with which you can express your wishes for the game.

Why do dealers say so?
As already mentioned above, around the tables for playing in theCraps are almost always very noisy. The croupier, despite this, must conduct the game strictly according to the rules and communicate with visitors in order to avoid any disputable situations and misunderstandings. For these purposes, they have come up with a whole series of terms and special phrases that enable them to understand each other perfectly. Gradually these expressions were mastered by the players, and now they are universally used.
Some terms in craps, as well as individualnumbers sound in English are very similar, and in a noisy atmosphere they are easily confused. An excellent example is the numerals "seven" and "eleven". They are written and pronounced almost identically. In a casino, there may be situations when an incorrectly perceived number can cause such a conflict, which will have to be settled by the entire administration of the institution.
Therefore, with the loss of eleven croupiers, usuallydeclare it as Yo! Eleven, and seven as Seven - out! This makes it possible to understand exactly which number is involved. Of course, different institutions can have their own ways of solving such problems, so do not be surprised if you encounter something like that. In any case, dealers will do their best to avoid misunderstandings.

What phrases do you need to learn the player?
If you master the basic phrases that are requiredto know, in order to clearly express the wishes to the dealer, this will not only facilitate its work, but will also allow maintaining a high pace of the game, so that other players will not get irritated. Especially do not like delays visitors with prejudices who believe that luck can not be knocked down. Also, many believe that breaking the game's etiquette and neglecting standard expressions reduces the chances of winning. You do not need to set up a dealer and colleagues on the game, so be sure to learn a few phrases that have long been used in craps.

Basic Phrases

  • Two ways. According to the croupier, this phrase should be knownall players without exception. And this is not surprising. If you bet by saying this phrase, it means that you bet not only for yourself, but also for the dealer. In other words, in case of a win, the dealer will get his share. Of course, it is not necessary to do so, but the croupier will certainly appreciate your kindness, if from time to time you will also bet in their favor.
  • Dice out / Dice in the middle. The phrase "Dice out" is pronounced when the bonesthe arrow is transmitted. It means that the betting process ends, and now the dice will be thrown. After the dice are thrown, they are again taken away and "Dice in the middle" is announced, which means the beginning of taking bets on the next throw. Therefore, after hearing the phrase "Dice out", stop betting until you hear "Dice in the middle".
  • Working / Off. By using the word "Off" and specifying your ownyou can pause the bet for a while. The dealer will put on it a small marker in the form of a disc, and this will mean that she temporarily does not play, although she is on the field. Once you want to return it to the game, tell the dealer "Working". He will remove the marker from it, and your bet will again participate in the game.
  • Inside / Outside. These definitions relate to so-called ratesPlace, which are placed on numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. For them there are special fields. Numbers 5, 6, 8 and 9 on the playing field are considered internal (that is, "Inside"). Sometimes players want to place bets on all these numbers at once. In this case, you need to give the dealer chips, specify the size of the bet and add the word "Inside". This will let him know how much and where to put it. Numbers 4, 5, 9 and 10 are considered external (that is, "Outside"). It is easy to see that the numbers 5 and 9 fall under both definitions. However, if you want to put all these numbers right away, just say to the "Outside" dealer and give him the chips, specifying the size of the bet. He will immediately understand what you want from him. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the game.
  • Press. When dealing with this word to the dealer, you ask himDouble your bet. For example, one of your bets won, and you say this word to the croupier, pointing to it. He doubles this bet and returns you a change, if any. If you tell the dealer "Press my bet to $ 30", it means that you want to increase the bet to $ 30. This is very convenient in the game, so this phrase must be remembered.
  • To / For. On the table for playing craps is usually offereda lot of useful information regarding payments at various rates. Therefore, when deciding which rate to make, you can first study the size of payments. However, they can be written as 4 to 1 or 4 for 1, and between these options there is a significant difference in the amount of payment. In no case can you think that they mean the same thing. This is a kind of cunning, which many casinos go to, luring inexperienced players with payments that seem to be higher than in other institutions. 4 to 1 means that the winnings will be four times the bet. 4 for 1 means that the size of the winnings will only be three times the bet. Always pay attention to this.

Of course, this is far from being all the standard phrases,which is used when playing craps in English-language casinos, but the rest of them require more advanced knowledge of the language, and this is targeted at those readers who do not speak English.

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