The police are going to fight online lotteries, will not get poker?

On the pages of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" on December 3, an article appeared that describes the fraudulent ways of gambling establishments to continue the life of their business.

It's no secret that many gambling halls continue to work changing the signboard to the "lotto club", which greatly irritates the authorities and provokes law enforcement agencies.

More and more often we hear about plans to combat gambling on the Internet, and although it is about fighting online lotteries, in practice our authorities do not distinguish between poker and slots.

Closure of the casino and the ban on gambling in general gave birth to new types of fraud, which primarily affects ordinary people.

The owners of the gambling business who have gone underground have found loopholes in the legislation and invented more sophisticated ways of "weaning money" from the population.

The police are going to fight online lotteries, will not get poker?

As usual, the know-how of rogues was tested in Moscow. First of all, the so-called surrogate technologies.

In the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow, a correspondent of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"told that there are two main ways to legalize gambling with the use of modified equipment. The first way is when the organizer positions himself from a legal point of view as a distributor of lotteries. Indeed, there is the Federal Law "On Lotteries", and very liberal. The most important thing in it is the lack of rigid requirements for lottery equipment and its certification. That is, you just need to change the name, for example, to rename the roulette to the lottery. The technology of the game remains very close to the previous one, only some of them change, not the most important details. Even everything happens in the same halls and on the same machines.

The second way is when the organizer of gamblinggames calls itself an intermediary in the provision of telecommunications networks, communications and the Internet. And he refers to the Law "On Communications". What is important is that it does not take any responsibility for providing user access to gaming portals. And the calculations of the new croupier in both cases mask the payment of services.

After the closure on July 1, 525 institutions of gamblingbusiness now in Moscow officially work 47 points of rates of bookmaker offices, 98 computer clubs, 73 lottery clubs, 59 lottery terminals.

It would seem that everything is legal, but people complain: according to many residents of the capital, gambling not only stayed, but also became more brutal and insolent. In less than six months, the police received over three hundred complaints. Twenty-five criminal cases were opened on illegal business activities and 30 cases of administrative offenses, 926 pieces of gambling equipment were seized.

But these measures do not solve the problem - it's time to talk about mass fraud.

What is really happening? By law, the lottery business is a legal kind of organization of games with the population. And one of the most common. According to the Federal Tax Service of Russia, 1002 All-Russian lotteries and 1605 stimulating lotteries were registered in the State Register of Lotteries (136 acts). Of the 142 legal entities registered in Russia, the organizers of lotteries, there are 118 in Moscow.

And here's what's interesting: our legislation is designed so that even the local authorities can not control these lotteries. Only in Moscow each lottery point in half a year pays a tax of only about 2 thousand rubles.

The police are going to fight online lotteries, will not get poker?

And the so-called "stimulating" lotteries,for example, "For the Law and the Rule of Law", do not transfer anything to the city budget. They are supposedly aimed at stimulating sales and services and de jure does not entail the emergence of direct income.

The federal law does not in fact makerequirements for lottery equipment and programs used in conducting incentive and non-public lotteries. Certification is voluntary. The main feature, according to which testing laboratories refer this equipment to the category of lottery, is its direct use in the distribution of lotteries. That is, by a secret order.

Moreover, lottery equipment is not subject toregistration with the local authorities. The law "On lotteries" does not provide for any restrictions on the location of such equipment. At the request of the owner, it can be installed anywhere, including on the street and in public places, which is what happens.

If the authorities can not control these offices,then what to say about ordinary citizens who decided to play the lottery? Their loss is programmed, and the percentage of such an outcome is much higher than in the "usual" casino. And you will not prove anything to anyone.

No less opportunities for fraudsters and invirtual field. Despite the fact that the organization of gambling in telecommunications networks, communications and the Internet is prohibited, this does not apply to communication facilities. Therefore, many former organizers of gambling switched to providing Internet services in computer clubs, Internet cafes and entertainment Internet centers. There are about a hundred of them in Moscow. These establishments in general have appeared out of sight of the law - in statutory acts there are no requirements to their placing and an order of functioning. They do not belong to the objects of the lottery business, they are not objects of culture or education. Again, it is almost impossible to understand and control how, when and why a player charges money. People complained that money was allegedly evaporating from their accounts, allegedly for playing sports poker, although they did not even suspect about their participation.

In the Moscow police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia believe that all theseGaps in legislation should be eliminated as soon as possible. Militia analysts suggest changes to the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses. In their opinion, it is necessary to establish criminal and administrative responsibility for the illegal organization and carrying out of gambling with the use of gambling equipment and information and telecommunication networks, including on the Internet and communication facilities.

Update: "All gambling enterprises must be closed by law," said Vladimir Putin, "and those who try to disguise themselves under the Internet café will be punished."

Speaking of the situation when, after a ban in the countrygambling business entrepreneurs found "loopholes" in the legislation, the prime minister stated that "this is including, not least, the manifestation of corruption of local authorities and administration, law enforcement agencies."

"We will deal with this separately," Putin said.

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