The popularity of Blackjack

The popularity of Blackjack
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The popularity of Blackjack Blackjack
The popularity of Blackjack

Only in 1931 the state of Nevada legalizedgambling. Now players have found a place for gambling and fresh waves of innovation have poured in with renewed vigor. If the early history of Blackjack was associated with French navigators and American lawbreakers, then the next chapter of history was the result of the labors of brilliant mathematicians.

The first US casinos introduced as many games as possible,wishing to attract players. So blackjack entered the history of the casino, but initially did not win popularity. Then the players preferred bones and roulette. The casinos offered all sorts of bonuses in order to interest the players, so there was a bonus, in which it was necessary to score 21 points with a combination of jack and peak ace. The combination of these cards gave the name - blackjack. Blackjack has gained popularity among players who want to win not only experiencing their luck, but also applying different strategies and their skills. Today blackjack ranks second in the volume of bets in American casinos, behind roulette. The rise in popularity of blackjack fell on the time of the first publications with descriptions of strategies that allow you to win in blackjack. It was then that there were high-profile stories of fraud and cheating in the casino.

At first there was an idea that probability andStatistics can affect the course of the game. In 1956, Rojder Baldwin, Wilbert Canty, Herbert Mazel and James McDermott (known as the Four Horsemen) published an article about what we today call the blackjack strategy. It was not long before other mathematicians developed this idea. Ed Thorpe, Ken Aston and Peter Griffin published their findings in Blackjack.

All blackjack strategies are united simply by the principle of counting cards. By itself, counting cards is not fraud, but casinos are struggling with such players.

Today there are different types of rates andbonuses that make blackjack always popular among casino players. Regularly in the casino tournaments are held on blackjack with large prize pools. Blackjack combines both the simplicity and the need for tactical skill, which makes the game an undoubted leader in the casino industry.

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