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Craps table
In this article, your attention is inviteda selection of the most effective tips for playing craps. They are based on mathematical calculations and tested in practice. They can be used as a strategy for playing craps - both in real and virtual casinos. If you only dream of learning to play craps, you can advise you to start in free versions of the game to learn all the rules and principles.
After that, you can take up the game for money,but keep in mind that craps are a very noisy and fast game. To whom it is pleasant, welcome to usual casinos (if certainly, in your region they exist and offer visitors tables for craps). Otherwise, you can always enjoy the process in one of the online casinos, where no one will rush you to make a decision. However, if you like this game, you should definitely try to play it in a real casino, because for many, the main thing in craps is the atmosphere at the table, which virtual casinos are unable to convey.
The best advice that can be given to all fanscraps, is to practice constantly. Of course, this sounds trite, but it's true. Practice leads to mastery and saves you from stupid mistakes. Craps - it's really fast game, so in a real casino you often do not have time to think about his next move. So do not rush to fight if you feel unprepared. To play consistently, you need to learn not so much material, so good enough to remember the basic provisions.
Craps refers to gambling, in whichdifferent types of rates significantly differ in size of the mathematical advantage of the casino, so you need to study this information and put it only on the most profitable fields. If you do this, craps turns into one of the best games for visitors to gambling.
Now let's talk about the so-called systems. Like other games, there is no system in craps that would guarantee you a complete victory. Following the chosen strategy, you can win and lose, and no one can predict how often this will happen. Perhaps you've heard about the so-called cage insurance systems. Their general principle is in additional rates, which reduce the risk of loss, but, at the same time, reduce the possible winnings. This approach can reduce the casino advantage (sometimes up to one percent or less), but it certainly is not the most effective way to play. Moreover, such systems are often confusing and boring. The author of these lines is not their fan and advises to use another principle of craps game, which will be discussed below.
If you recently started playing craps, and youI wonder how at this stage you can act most successfully, then the best advice for you will be playing at the rates in which the least advantage of the casino is laid. In the future, when you feel very confident at the table, you will be able to try out some specific strategies. Perhaps you will find the most optimal option for yourself. Therefore, our tips will deal with different types of rates. And for starters, we'll talk about those rates that should not be done.
Do not do so-called Proposition Bets (ie, bets, such as Any Craps, Any Seven, Any Eleven and so on)
In such rates, you must guess the amountwill drop on the next roll. Despite quite good payouts for some of the numbers, the advantage of the casino at such rates is very high. For example, if you bet on Any Craps, the casino has odds of more than eleven percent, and when you bet on Any Seven - generally more than sixteen, which is very much, as you understand. Any sane player should avoid such bets, even when the intuition prompts him to take such a step.
Do not place bets on Lay
By making such a bet, you assume that the sevenwill drop earlier than 4, 6, 8, 9 or 10, indicating one particular number. This rate should be abandoned because of a five-percent commission, which is charged on winning. In addition, the advantage of the casino in them is also not the lowest. However, some players are very fond of Lay Bets. If you are one of them and do not want to give up these bets, consider ways to reduce the commission. But this only works if the casino starts collecting a commission from a certain amount won. If the same commission is charged with winning any size, this will not help. For example, a casino takes five percent only from every twenty dollars won. Make bets of this size, so that payment on them was close, say, to forty. Then the commission will be taken only from as much as twenty dollars, and the rest of the amount will get to you completely.
Do not get carried away by rates on Buy
If you win these bets from themfive percent commission. Although the advantage of casinos in them is an order of magnitude lower than in Lay Bets, it is better to refuse them. If you really want to add diversity to the game, then bet only on 4 before 7 or 10 before 7. All of the above about the options for reducing the commission for Lay Bets can apply in the case of Buy Bets, if the casino rules allow it.
Do not get carried away by a bet on Field
The advantage of casinos in these rates is not so great,as in the cases discussed above, but it is also rather risky, because it only plays during one roll of the bones. However, this is an acceptable way to diversify the game, if this is still necessary for you.
Place multiple amounts on Place
In order not to give the casino a chance to round off the winningsyour benefits, put the sums multiples of five, by 4, 5, 9 and 10 (pay 9: 5 and 7: 5) and the sums multiples of six by 6 and 8 (pay 7: 6). Otherwise, you can not get the winnings in full. However, you can advise all players to place Place only on numbers such as 6 and 8, because the advantage of casinos at such a rate is only about 1.5%, whereas at 5 and 9 it is 4%, and at 4 and 10 almost 7% .

As for such bets as Pass, Come, Do notPass, Do not Come, as well as various odds, then they are considered the most profitable for the player. A skillful combination of these rates allows you to minimize the advantage of casinos when playing craps. This is especially true for Odds. We considered them in a separate article, so we will not touch on this topic again. Let's just say once again that they should be put at any opportunity, because in this case you play with the casino on equal terms.
These simple tips will help you get betterto understand the process of the game, but you do not need to think that you do not need anything else. In this game is full of tricks and subtleties, the development of which can take years. Over time, if you practice diligently and learn the experience of true masters, you yourself will become a professional and develop the only strategy that will help you to effectively play craps. It is known that the most experienced players are improved in some particular aspect of the game, achieving perfection in it. Perhaps you will also be better served by their example.
On the craps table, the bones show six and one

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