Tired of lack of money? Counting cards in blackjack

The "blue" dream of any person is to beatcasino, to derail the "jackpot" of several million dollars and drive to a permanent place somewhere in the Bahamas. What can you do, deep down we continue to believe in fairy tales and sorcery. Of course, by magic, nothing will come of it, but if you include logic, memory and elementary mathematical knowledge, then it is quite possible to get rich by playing casino in blackjack on the card account system. It's not difficult, if you understand how to count cards in blackjack. As in any card game, blackjack has its own strategy of the game, and the calculation of the cards that come out of it is related to it.

If we bring this strategy to automatism, thendaily winnings are guaranteed to you. The main thing is not to be "at gunpoint" of the casino security service, which monitors "counting" players and, in the event of their detection, prohibits access to a gambling establishment. The method itself is neither criminal nor deceptive. Only naked facts, the ability to analyze and focus. count cards

The basic technique of counting cards

The basic technique of blackjack counting cards isthe name Hi-Lo, based on this method and began to appear other techniques. To choose the most optimal option for yourself, you need to understand how the basic method works. The meaning of this method is to determine the probability of a large card (from 10 to an ace) or a small one (from 2 to 10). This is achieved simply, it is enough to assign to each card a certain number and in the process of playing these numbers add or otminusovy.

First, learn the numbers that correspond to the cards. The next step is to keep track of all the cards that came out of the game. For example, the first hand had the following combination: The three (+1), the eight (0), the six (+1) - you, and the king (-1), the four (+1), the five (+1) - the dealer. The total score of the game will be +3. A positive account means that the majorityjunior cards out of the game, and, therefore, the probability of a large card is increased. The negative account indicates that the "leftovers" remained mostly in the deck. Knowing this information, you can foresee,the card of what advantage will fall next, and make bets in accordance with this. If you have a negative account, then it makes sense to play at minimum stakes, if the score is greater than 0, then bets can be increased.

How to count cards on SS Utzon technique

This technique, developed on the basis of Hi-Lo, is considered more effective. The meaning is the same - the calculation of cards in blackjack, but their values ​​are slightly different:

Dignity of cards Numeric value
2 2
3 2
4 2
5 3
6 2
7 1
8 0
9 -1
10 -2
J -2
Q -2
K -2
A -1

The principle remains the same - closely monitorplay and count cards in blackjack. Just like in the previous method, a positive account means that you can take a chance, negative - it's better to wait for a favorable moment.

The technique of calculating blackjack cards with aces

In this system everything is the same as the basic Hi-Lo,only Ace is assigned the value "0", because in the game he can bring one point as well as 11. The Aces themselves are calculated as follows: For every 13 cards of distribution, one Ace must be accounted for. If it so happens that in these cards the Ace has not met, it means that one is added to the account. If you have 2 Aces, then the score is less by one point. This count of aces is conducted every 13 cards, and the result is added to the main account.

The overall result shows which cards of dignity inmost of them remained in the game deck. The fewer cards there are, the more likely it is to win a large sum of money. Therefore, in this case, you also need to count how many cards remain in the game. To do this, out of the total number of cards at the beginning of the game you need to subtract the amount that has already played and divide this number by 52. ​​So, if the game started with 8 decks, 26 cards have already played, then there are 7.5 decks left. This is called the real account of the game. Determine the size of your bet is necessary, based on a real account. The higher it is - the more prerequisites for increasing rates.

These techniques are the most commonpresent day. But one should not be greatly flattered, because this is not a panacea, and casino owners are not at all interested in the big gains of the players and take various ways to identify such "geniuses". These techniques can be used both for playing in real casinos, and for virtual ones. If you decide to play in an online casino, then you can help special programs to count cards in blackjack.

Programs that give clues

Such programs can be found on the Internet. They are designed for the fact that you yourself do not have to think about how to count cards in blackjack. The program itself will analyze the situation and give a recommendation on increasing / decreasing the rate, continuing the game or stopping it. All that is required is to insert the dropped cards into special fields, everything else, as they say, is no longer your concern.

When playing in an online casino very carefullyuse card counting in blackjack. If you do this, your account will be blocked, and the funds deposited are not likely to be returned.

In addition, the more decks, the lessprobability to beat the casino. Therefore, the only chance for you will be to find a gambling establishment in which blackjack is played on one deck. In this case, the probability of your winnings will increase. We hope that they helped you to get an answer to the question whether it is possible to count cards in blackjack. To learn about the categories of the game in blackjack, you can also visit our website.

Remember that you must learn instantlyCalculate the account, while not giving the appearance that you are conducting a heavy mental work. Practice at home. First in silence and alone. Then add the TV, then turn on the music. When in such conditions you will quickly count the points, invite a couple of children, call your mother-in-law and a cheerful friend. As soon as you are able to conduct conversations, watch the kids, sing a song and not for one second lose count - you can go to the casino, you are guaranteed a prize!

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