What strategy of blackjack will lead to a win?

According to numerous polls, blackjackwon world fame in most casinos. The most popular strategy among amateurs is played with a deck of 52 cards. It is in this version that the participant has the greatest chance of success. In order to win, experienced specialists developed various methods. Basic strategy of playing blackjack implies the need to count cards, which, in turn, led to the introduction of two or more decks into the game.

The basic strategy of blackjack can be considered,as a certain system, which is divided into 270 all possible combinations obtained in the process of the party. This figure includes 10 cards from the dealer, multiplied by 27 possible participants. Blackjack compared with roulette - a more intelligent and strategic game. One luck to win may not be enough. As a rule, the one who owns the skill of calculating risks wins. If a participant wants to anticipate the dealer's final combination on the open first card, then the probabilities of the combinations that are lost can help.

Hard type of combinations, in which an ace is equated to one

Rules of blackjack system: in case the dealer has from three to six - you need to double;

  • if you score 17 and more points - no more cards to take;
  • when on hands 11 points, thus at the dealer the open card is not an ace - it is necessary to double;
  • It is necessary to take, if on hands there are less than 12 points;
  • It makes sense to give up if the player has 15 points, and the dealer card is 10 points;
  • The game ends when the competitor has 16 points, and the dealer has more than 10 points;
  • it is better to take a card when the dealer has a three or two, and the player has 12 points.

In all other cases, you do not need to take cards. With a soft combination, where the ace stands for 11 points, it is important to adhere to the following:

  • If the participant has scored 19 or 20 points - stop accepting cards;
  • when on hands 18, and at the croupier 7 or 8 points - to stop a set;
  • regardless of its position, it is necessary to double when the dealer has only 5 or 6 points;
  • In addition, there is a sense in doubling, if the croupier has 4 points, and the participant has 15 to 18;
  • Also, if there are 17-18 points in the player against 3 at the dealer or at 18 points and 2 at the dealer - it is necessary to double;
  • the rest of the strategy of playing blackjack involves taking the next card.

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strategy blackjack

Pairing options

In this case, the blackjack game system assumes the following:

  1. if a participant collects two eights and an ace - split them;
  2. dozens do not need to be divided into two hands;
  3. in the case of two fives, when the dealer has a card no more than nine - double;
  4. if you get a pair of nines, and the dealer has a dozen or an ace, then the division is not applied;
  5. accept a card if the participant has a pair of fours or sixes, and the dealer has a seven, or when the dealer has a card not higher than the four, and the player has a pair of fours;
  6. You also need to take if the participant has collected a pair of cards with a value from two to seven, and the dealer - above the eight.

In other cases, blackjack systems offerto divide the cards into two hands. The main task for a successful game is to learn the basic principles of the game. First, experts recommend choosing which blackjack strategy involves the use of multiple decks. According to the conditions, the dealer ends to type cards when reaching a soft combination of 17 points. In this game, much depends not only on the luck factor, but also on the skills of logical analysis and calculation of the consequences of their actions on several steps forward.

The most often winners are the participants,who know what is the basic strategy of playing blackjack. This greatly increases the chances of success. Of particular importance for beginners is the blackjack table. This is a kind of system of multiplication. Specialists strongly recommend using it during the party. In the left field of the table, the player's cards are placed on the vertical line, the dealer's card is placed at the top of the chart. Action options can be seen by reducing horizontal indicators to vertical ones.

The best programs for fans of the game

For maximum resultsyou need to get a special software. On the Internet there are various programs for blackjack, the use of which will allow you to calculate most of the indicators and indexes in time, and will also enable you to independently develop strategies and perfect your skills.

The best program for blackjack is called Casino Verite. Soft will be a good assistant in teaching users the use of all sorts of strategies.

In addition, attention should be paid toBlackjack Risk Manager, with which you can calculate a variety of coefficients and values. This blackjack calculator is designed for fans and professionals of gambling.

Also on our site you can see the online coach for playing blackjack for free and learn more about all the varieties of this game.

Aspects of gambling psychology

All the strategies of blackjack games meanpresence of strict control over the feelings and emotions of the participant in the party process. Knowledge of the psychological aspects of personality has the same meaning as the ability to count cards and own various strategies. The most common situations in which participants of the game fall are:

  • propensity to superstition;
  • excessive self-confidence;
  • fear of losing;
  • an acute need for money.

Professionals can create their ownstrategy games in blackjack. However, knowledge of systems gives significant advantages - which allows you to win large sums of money, so the participant must choose the most optimal one. It should be noted that professionals in certain cases recommend that they sometimes make deviations from the classical rules of the basic strategy, but it is important to consider these nuances only after the newcomer confidently masters the main principles of the game, otherwise one can remain with nothing and constantly suffer defeats in the parties.

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