What do roulette and craps have in common?

Roulette table in online casino
These games seem to be completely different from each otherfriend, and outwardly the differences between them are obvious. Absolutely different inventory, the process of the game, the rules and many other things suggest that they have nothing in common. However, this is not entirely true. These two games combine the dependence of the result on the laws of physics and the human factor. Let's look at these statements in more detail.
The croupier leading the game on the roulette wheel rotates the wheel andStarts the ball on the track in the opposite direction. In different casinos, the wheel can rotate alternately in both directions, and can only in one direction, but the ball always moves in the opposite direction. When its course slows down, the centrifugal force weakens, and under the influence of gravity it starts to fall on the rotating part of the tape measure, collides with the reflectors, jumps along the partitions between the cells and stops in one of the rooms. That is, everything happens according to the laws of physics.
In craps, everything happens even easier. A player who is called a "shooter" (or "shooter"), throws a pair of bones at the opposite end of the table. They fly through the air, collide with the table and the rim, then stop on the table. Elementary laws of physics.
Table for craps in online casinos
On roulette, the human factor manifests itself in the formactivities of the croupier. They change in turn, and each of them repeatedly launches the ball. Often this work becomes so routine for them that they literally exactly repeat each of their backs. Repeated actions cause in them what is called "muscle memory". They rotate the roulette wheel with equal force, they start the ball with equal force. As a result, a certain tendency appears, which is sometimes called the "croupier's handwriting." It is possible to catch it and use it for its own purposes to some experienced and observant players.
Craps players consciously work out themselvesmuscle memory, making thousands of training shots and seeking control over them. To do this, they learn to put the bones together in a special way, take them in hand and throw them correctly. All this resembles the training of athletes, who before automatism develops certain movements and techniques.
Consequently, roulette and craps are similar in that,acting according to the laws of physics, the participants of the game develop their muscular memory, which directly affects the process. However, at roulette, involuntary use of muscle memory can be expensive for the croupier, but for a player in craps it is the pinnacle of mastery, reaching which it significantly improves the quality of its game.

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