What famous regulars are thinking about raising rake on PokerStars?

As you already know, on November 3, 2014, we are awaited by significant changes in the system of collecting rake at PokerStars.

What famous regulars are thinking about raising rake on PokerStars?

From now on, in most SnG species with uswill take more rake (especially strongly it hit the regulators of hyper turbo SNG). Also hit were all the tournaments Knockout, cache games (ha + games on the limits of NL5k) and even new tournaments in the format Spin & amp, Go. This news has not gone unnoticed by professional grinders, who are directly affected by these changes.

I decided to contact our regulators from Russia and CIS countries to find out what they think about this step of the new PokerStars management. Actually the question I asked them:

What do you think about raising rake on PokerStars since November 3?

Andrey Angier Pateychuk: The trend as a whole, of course, is not very, but, IMHO,so far, nothing critical has been done. Of the new changes only with Spin`n`Go raises questions, but I do not play in them, so it's all the same. In all other disciplines, the changes are not so significant as to sound the alarm.

Egor "BigGOGI" Zarev: Like many players, I'm very upset and puzzledincrease rake. I do not worry much about the guys with 25/50 +, they are unlikely to feel significant changes. Huppers also got it. Discipline and so outlived not the best of times, but now everything has only worsened.

But personally for me, as a player, the starting tables- this innovation is very unpleasant. We are already attacked by scripts from all sides. Waite sheets lost all meaning, and the only effective way to get to the table is to start it. The letters "R" around the steel have long been irritating. But we continue to roll weakly-plus or even minus X-matches in order to maintain the game. And what do we get now? Increased commission. It does not seem logical to me.

Dmitry Bizi Motors: I think the same as before - PokerStars n # dorassy. Because rake is already too big, but it's not enough for them. I hope that 888 will take advantage of the situation and entice the players.

Alexander Skendel Kovalev: It seems to me that this is a step to dramatically roll the weak regs. Fixam FSUs, and the strong will beat the rake. But in general, this is the beginning of the end.

Andrew NOEL: Most of this will not hurt, but I think it's a test throw to see the reaction of the players.

What famous regulars are thinking about raising rake on PokerStars?

They are bored - they will pinch on. For example, reduce vip-conditions by 3%. "Well, okay" - say reg, stuffing 1k rake, - "think 30 bucks a month." And for the company this is a serious plus. In any business they try to cut costs, it would be foolish not to use the status of a monopolist where it is not regulated in any way. Regam long ago it's time to understand that they do not owe anything to them, they are not even hired workers.

Alexander Gnat777 Gnatenko: I think we are all crazy, and do not care what rake, if you can win $ 100k в in Spin`n`Go

Andrey TylerRM Streltsov: Wow, I found out about this from your message. I think 2 + 2 guys are already organizing a strike.

Roman Shaposhnikov: I think that it will be worse next. Anyway, leading poker rooms will toughen policy towards affiliates and regulators. As specifically, I do not know. I believe, at the very beginning of next year we will see.

Garik Yaroshevskii: I do not watch for it, I play on Sundays only, and that's not always, so I'm stupidly fucked

Alexander Begpo_CnupTa Limaev: I already got scared, but I look up my cap forheadshots and for high rollers. I'm glad that it did not concern me. In general, I'm already used to the fact that there is no good news since halyavnyh polotsov. Pindosov won in October, but there is not something.

Andrey Kedrila Nikonov: I think all is well. The poker ecosystem, in my opinion, regulates itself in one way or another.

Andrey Kroko-dill Zaichenko: And what can I think. ) Of course, this is bad for the players. PS enjoys the fact that with a large margin is the industry's ller. What this will lead to, I can not say. I play more and more in closed offline games, that's why it will not affect me very much.

Vasily Ravic85 Zapco: I think it would be better to lower it.

Alexander Kravchenko: It's a bit paradoxical, but on a long distance the systematic increase in rake ladies poker ecology will only improve, especially in offline.

Mikhail Inner Shalamov: It is clear that I, as a professional player, do notespecially they are impressed by the changes in the structure of the rake. But you need to understand that online poker is a market - an equilibrium, in which a lot of variables are involved. He, like any liquid market over time, strives for equilibrium (and here the TRP), in which any action other than maintaining the current strategy for all participants will be negative. Until equilibrium is achieved, the market participants are free (moreover, they should do this, and we, professional players and poker rooms), operate the system with their strategies, which bring them the greatest profit.

Even taking into account changes, objectively, anythere are currently no alternatives to starzes for practically any criteria (the number of games, the quality of the game, support, security, etc.), and in such conditions they are free to make changes that they consider necessary for their development and growth.

If you have a company in the city that preparesthe best pizza is twice cheaper than its competitors, and you are very fond of delicious pizza - you will surely be her client with pleasure. And if it decides to raise prices by 20% in one day, it definitely will not bring you joy, but from the point of view of the pizzeria owner this is obviously the right decision.

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